there's something about a ghost's soul hopping from body to body since 1200AD; in order to escape limbo he must endure a great struggle with impacting the physical world from beyond the grave. centuries past and "telethon veginald cheeseburger," the soul of the boy was finally able to possess a body... this is what happened.

      around the turning of the 2000s something started brewing. maybe it was the dawning of the age of aquarius, but maybe not. telethon found a full band to accompany his riot squad into battle. they were called the bluetooth banned. so for a while it was telethon veginald cheeseburger & the bluetooth banned...i know, ridiculous right? now they've dropped the insanely long name and are just called TELETHON*

Currently recording in their studio, The Borelandome Stratosphere, Telethon is working on an upcoming 6th release "Barter Crystals/Explorations," a raucous journey through an alternate universe where currency is obsolete and exploration is inevitable. 
On Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger's "Him & Her Hymns" EP, Tele deconstructs the synth sounds of the Ozarks and bubbles. In other EP news, Tele released a split cassette to accompany a tour with Portland, OR's The Ocean Floor. The premise of the split was to mimic the stripped down nature of the tour. Choosing recordings that could be represented from a one person perspective. Along with this tour EP, Tele had just finished his third full length "Hydrophonia," a hi-fi trip into modernica, in which he experiments with (get this!) clean sounding recording, neo-tribalism, euro-pop, and Wendy Carlos-ism.
His second full length album,"Future Frontier" is loosely based on the writings and/or ramblings of prophetic time traveler John Titor, who warns the world of a soon coming new American Civil War and a brief but powerful World War III. The album, set in 2015, depicts a savage and explosive future tonally, while the lyrics reflect on a world once enjoyed and provide situational remedy for "running to the end of the earth." 
His debut release, "Beach Party Blast/Quasi Immaculate Deception", is a more light-hearted exposé, ranging from the sounds of calm, distant spirits to the jumpy mischievous nature of poltergiests. Tele, operating under the pseudonym Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord for the project, claims that during the last few days of recording sessions, he was possessed by a ghost of the past, present, and future, who pushed him to finish the album under excruciating conditions and unleash the masterpiece online for free immediately after mixing. Upon completion of the ghosts task, Tele surfaced groggy but more masterful than ever. And while he still holds a grudge with the ghost for leaking the album on the internet, Tele's official comment was "Meh... It's no big deal. The Ghost rips on guitar and it's a pretty top notch record. Plus, he played everything while I get all the credit and the royalty checks! What an idiot!"

Tele "Veggie" Cheeseburger - Guitar/Vocals/Synths/Production
Jelly "Earthbang" Bean - Organ/Synth/Vocals
Zacaroni "Bologna" Bumblefust - Bass/Vocals
Geranamo "Tonto Toronto" Guantanamo - Yelps/Drums

Telethon has shared the stage and/or toured with R. Stevie Moore, Ryland Bouchard, Dino Felipe, Snak Truck, The Ocean Floor, Nothingberry Plasma, YCHT, The Visitations, M. Coast, Elf Power, The Starlight Mints, Mt. Eerie, Unicornicopia, Machinedrum, Kevin Blechdom, Irene Moon, Harry Merry, The Octopus Project, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt & a few others.
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