What began as the solo recording project of Matt Kamm aka Tele (pronounced tell-EE), TELETHON quickly turned into a full band extravaganza of ultra cosmic electro-pop freak-wave proportions.

TELETHON has shared the stage with acts like Mt. Eerie, R. Stevie Moore, Machinedrum, Y∆CHT, James Husband, The Octopus Project, Surfer Blood, Harry Merry and some more. 3 national tours and going strong.


///TELETHON in QRO Magazine

"Hype up-tempo southern-fried disco is served up all-you-can-eat style by Orlando's TELETHON. Their new EP Ow Nix Golly is scary, compact fun. Part haunted house meandering, part post-apocalyptic electro: all fun, all the time."

"Orlando's own TELETHON, the brainchild of Matt Kamm... has been creating the weirdest psychedelic pop music in the area for years now. They just released a 7" on new Orlando label Glowmobile, who seem to be onto something with finding the odd bands of the city to get behind." 

///TELETHON in Impose Magazine

"This is what happens when the lounge singer at Zelda's local Village Tavern starts trying to mess with the system. Everything was A-OK while the guy threw some Manilow in his Bacharach, but now that he's heard those Beach Boys and mainlined 80s schlock pop, the denizens of Zelda-land aren't feeling the milk buzz they used to. Time for the harder stuff?"

"It's the kind of rock 'n' roll snobbery that makes rooting for the bad guy fun."

"...pop pastiche, maximalist noise-tronica..."

///TELETHON in Orlando Weekly

"In case you haven’t noticed their ascent, the psychedelic flamboyance of TELETHON is getting better by the day. It’s immeasurably difficult to make something this patently weird be so cogent, but somehow they’ve figured it out. What’s more, with tons of stage presence and much-improved wardrobe featuring amazing animal headdresses, this is a band that has a big a sense of show. All you young art-scene bucks starting out can shorten your learning curve considerably by seeing one of their shows. Then you can thank me later for all the time I saved you."


2007 Tele & the Ghost of our Lord - Beach Party Blast / Quasi Immaculate Deception (Gone & Records) 

2008 Tele & Big Tie Moldies - Future Frontier (Gone & Records) .. Tele V. Cheeseburger - Hydrophonia (Gone & Records) .. Tele V. Cheeseburger &The Ocean Floor Split Cassette (Gone & Records/Swim Slowly Records) .. 

2009 Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger - Him & Her Hymns (Gone & Records) .. Various Artists - Fucking Friends Forever CD (Post*Records) .. 

2010 TELETHON - Gypped EP (Glowmobile Recording Company).. Various Artists - Sick Of The Radio's R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Vol. 1.... TELETHON - People Eat Humans Or Humans, The Human Animal 7" (Glommobile Recording Company) TELETHON - Bangarangbus Bros. Cassette (Glowmobile) TELETHON - FOREVER EP (Self Released)

2011 TELETHON - Denimous Demoness Single (Self Released).. TELETHON - Ow Nix Golly EP (Self Released)

Photo by Andrea Knight


Telethon Von Cheeseburger - Vocals/Fender Telecaster/MicroKorg/Producer

Earthbang - Vocals/'66 Yamaha Electone Organ/Korg XL-1 Synth

Fryin' McTofu - Vocals/Roland Electronic Drums

Tim Murray - Vocals/Some Bass

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